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The spectacular growth of the Qatar and the Middle East economy, with a huge number of projects planned nowadays and for the coming years attracts companies’ interest to have local presence and expand their business in this market. Therefore, the figure of a local company that provides market first-hand information and project tracking seems fundamental.


Tamkeen Group currently represents 14 worldwide enterprises in the Middle East offering full market support to get and execute all contracts, orders or projects awarded to them. Apart from that, Tamkeen Group offers to any new company willing to start working in this market the possibility of a high level market research and commercial consultancy service, including research for new market niches, sales management, business consultancy and legal support. 


Tamkeen Group, along this decade and their personnel with almost two decades of local experience, has elaborated an extensive knowledge of the market requirements and procedures, along with an excellent network of contacts in different sectors in the state of Qatar and the Persian Gulf area. Thanks to this, we can offer to any new company a high level consultancy market research services. Our services include:


• Market analysis

• Marketing Plan

• Marketing Plan Implementation

• Information about potential future projects and  tenders 

• Tender submission intelligence with local requirements and procedures

• Commercial Advice

• Local Registration and Company Set Up Advice

• Identification of potential local partners

• Market potential customers research

• Market potential suppliers research

• Market Competitors Identification and Analysis

• Business Trips Agendas

• Local dedicated assistance on Business Trips Agendas  implementation

• Advice and Support on local / regional Exhibitions 

• Local recruitment Support