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Santa&Cole is an independent and global editor of books and well-designed products for indoor and outdoor. Editors of an intellectual and industrial process, Santa&Cole has its roots in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain) and works in over 70 countries worldwide. Santa&Cole´s mission is to generate, contract, protect and circulate knowledge, expressed through physical objects with good design: soundness of construction, aesthetic sobriety and functional quality.


The company has been exploring industrial design since 1985. The art of scrutinizing everyday objects to find their best use experience, and the one that therefore considers material and design a culture. Timeless design in a contemporary world is the aim of Santa&Cole.


Santa&Cole designs household and urban furniture and lighting, ranging from indoor lighting to large street lamps and benches for pedestrians areas. Although its range of products might seem random, they actually all converge in a common philosophy: not accumulating but rather selecting; not delighting in quantity but rather in quality; not to show but rather to share.


Santa&Cole uses new technologies to be more responsible in production processes, to discover environmentally friendly materials, and to design lighting systems that enable energy savings and light quality both at home and in the city.


Santa&Cole edited, designed and produced products along with or for the most recognized architects worldwide such as Gabriel Ordeig Cole, Arne Jacobsen, Ilmaari Tapiovaara, Miguel Milà, Gonzalo Milà, Antoni Moragas, Antoni Arola, Ignazio Gardella, Raw Color, Beth Galí or Diana Cabeza, among many others.


Several European and American Design prizes and awards have been given to Santa&Cole during their existence, such as the European Red Dot, Premio Nacional de Diseño (Spanish National Design Award), the ICFF (International Contemporary Fair of New York) award for the Best Lighting Company 2012, Spanish FAD Design Award 2001, Design Management Europe (DME) Award 2007, Premio Príncipe Felipe for the corporate excellence Award 2006, among others.





  • Tower of London Bridge (UK)
  • Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Institut des cultures de l’Islam (Paris, France)
  • Historic Centre of Le Havre (France)
  • Bell Street Park (Seattle, USA)
  • Piazza Garibaldi (Napoli, Italy)
  • Port of Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Polyterrasse ETH Zurich Zentrum (Switzerland)
  • Spain National Library (Madrid, Spain)
  • Gallery K (Copenhagen, Denmark)
  • Dublin Quayside Development (Ireland)