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With more than 40 years of experience, Normalit is a Spanish company specialized in technical and architectural lightning, designing and producing downlights, fittings, structures and projectors. In the search for the best performance and energetic efficiency, Normalit was pioneer to apply LED technology to all of its production.


Normalit’s R+D laboratory, in collaboration with the Production and Quality Departments, has made possible to achieve a high and reliable production capacity guaranteed by its different European quality seals and AENOR certification. 100% of its production undergoes the most demanding quality and electrical safety tests along the assembly line itself, which allows us to offer greater performance at a lower cost.


Normalit is part of NormaGrup Technology, also composed by Normalux (emergency lighting), NormaDet (fire detection systems), NorClinic (technical systems for hospitals), and EcoLight (emergency lighting).


Normalit follows a policy of respect to the environment, developing products with LED Technology, recyclable materials, automated controls, eye protection systems and battery protection systems. Thus, Normalux technology provides savings in electric power consumption.





  • University Central Hospital of Asturias (Oviedo, Spain)
  • Rubio Bilbao Architects Headquarters (Gijon, Spain)
  • Vigo Hospital (Spain)
  • Neolabels Agency (Madrid, Spain)
  • San Fernando Market (Madrid, Spain)
  • Rosa Evangelio Dental Clinic (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Nudie Jeans (Barcelona, Spain)