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Escofet 1886, S.A. is a 130 years old company based in Barcelona (Spain) that designs and manufactures high quality, high-class products in architectural concrete and cast stone for outdoor spaces. Thanks to its long experience, audacity and future vision, Escofet is now a market leader, a meeting point for the industrial avant-garde and modern architecture.


Escofet products for outdoor spaces include: benches, tree grates, litterbins, limits, bollards, street and park lighting, pavements, drinking fountains, tables, seats, planters and accessories for outdoor landscape spaces.


In interaction with its designers, its research leadership, its creation of a universal vocabulary of urban elements, and its well-chosen logistical service, all they have been key components in the growth and world-wide expansion of Escofet. 


Since its foundation, Escofet has helped to improve the quality of life of the citizens and stimulate their imagination. Its heavy reliance on innovation and its constructive criteria have opened up new fields in the creation of city spaces and building, making the most of cutting edge technology applied to the excellent qualities of concrete and  creating new materials such as Slimconcrete®, a class of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) defined by its exceptionally high strength and durability. It’s compressive, flexural and impact strength is three times higher than that of traditional concrete, and makes it possible to manufacture highly slender elements with minimum thickness, something that no other urban furniture manufacturer


Escofet products have an unfading style thanks to their rigorously researched design, their universal application and their strict material condition that defines an urban vocabulary linked to history while looking towards the future.


The 130 years of experience of ESCOFET 1886, S.A. have laid products in hundreds of landmark projects in all continents and almost all countries in the world with the best known architects and more strict clients that require products, design and service exceeding the perfection.






  • Sagrada Familia (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Barcelona Trade Fair (Spain)
  • Forum Park (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Repsol Headquarters (Madrid, Spain)
  • Place Felix Baret (Marseille, France)
  • America’s Cup (Valencia, Spain)
  • DHUB Design Museum (Barcelona, Madrid)
  • Torre Sevilla (Seville, Spain)
  • Diagonal avenue (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Puerto Venice (Zaragoza, Spain)